4 examples of Team Referrals to squash your referral goals

Pieter Neels - 3 min read

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Nakama organized Referral Challenge with a client specialized in Customer Relationship Management. The goal was to hire 50 people in 4 weeks' time.

We decided to create a referral program around teams. Getting individuals behind your employee referral program is challenging enough so logically one would think that motivating more people at the same time is even harder. Well, it's actually easier because it creates:

  • a sense of community & pride
  • healthy competition to become a Top Referrer

Here are the 4 tactics we used...

blog team referrals pic

Team tactic 1: Team Challenge

Nakama organized Referral Recruitathon with a client active in the pharmaceutical industry. People could form teams of max 5 people. We came up with different team challenges. Each challenge gave the right to points.

  • Share 4 job posts on your social media account
  • Bring in 2 referrals that get an interview
  • Get 50+ likes on a hiring-related social post
  • Use Nakama's to create an employee team testimonial and share it

Team tactic 2: Team Points

We added an element of competition by connecting points to every challenge. We made a ranking accessible for everyone through the Nakama platform. At the end of the 4-week campaign, the 3 best performing teams receive a special reward.

blog team referrals pic
blog team referrals pic

Team tactic 3: Bingo

Instead of numbers, we put the names of the different teams. We added the Team Challenges to the board. points for referral bonus but had to be spent on something with the team

Once a week, we organized a Zoom meeting. We announced the teams who had completed a challenge and how many points they won. Then we put the names of the teams into one hat. One team was chosen randomly. If your team name matched, your points of that week doubled.

Team tactic 4: Team Bonus

To increase the sense of community amongst individuals we also introduced a new reward system. When an individual would receive a reward, 70% of that amount would go to them and the remaining 30% would go to a team pool. At the end of every semester, there would be a big payout of all bonus rewards and each team could go spend their well-earned bonus. This was all managed through Nakama's referral software.

The results

This resulted in 300 referrals in 4 weeks' time of which 50 people were recruited - and of course a lot of enthusiasm from the employees. A large number of social media posts and stories were posted on their private accounts which also meant a spike in the employer brand of the company. With all the shares that were made that day, the number of website visitors increased by 55%.

Another important aspect of this event was to keep the excitement going. You can do this by continuing to send challenges to your team on a random basis. When noticing the positive effect these types of events have on your team, you can make it a reoccurring.

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There are a lot of ways to motivate your team or certain individuals. It all comes down to the type of company culture you have and your employees like. A raffle, a collective referral bonus or team challenges are effective motivators for referrals and can really increase workforce engagement. It brings in a feeling of pride and community.

Founder Pieter Neels

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Pieter Neels is the founder of Nakama. His goal: creating the perfect match between an employee and a company.