Identify Your Top Referrers

Pieter Neels - 2 min read

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1 - What is a Top Referrer? 🏆

A top referrer is an employee that:

  • doesn't need encouragement to be 100% committed to your referral program. We call them Power Ambassadors
  • will very likely refer your ideal candidate aka your Referral Persona

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2 - Why do I need to identify my Top Referrers?

Knowing who your Top Referrer is, allows you to run a High-Impact campaign with Low-Effort because;

  • you can launch a referral campaign without much stimulation to get people referred because Top Referrers are Power Ambassador
  • you will receive a higher number of quality candidates because Top Referrers have a higher probability of having a network of people corresponding with the Referral Persona
  • it is easier to launch & manage a referral campaign with a smaller group of enthusiastic people
  • you can promote the referral campaign in a personalized internal promotion. Check this blog article to find out how

3 - How do I find my Top Referrers?🔎

Determine your (business) goal

You need to know what you want to achieve with your referral campaign. I hear you thinking "recruit people. what else?". There might be a higher mission. For example, your company needs to do things differently because new tech-driven players start to compete with you.

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Create your Referral Persona

To create a disruptive mindset you might need people of another kind of breed. You need to recruit people who think differently and have the ability to come up with disruptive ideas. This will become your Referral Persona.

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Look for your Power Ambassadors

Find out who in your organization will be committed to your referral program. Nakama allows you to measure the degree of ambassadorship of employees.

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Identify your Top Referrers

Existing employees who are on the challenger side of the spectrum tend to be more critical and more open to changing things up. These people match with your Referral Persona. They are the best starting point to get your Referral Persona recruited because chances are high that these 'challenger employees' are well connected with other like-minded people (read: potential job candidate). They are the kind of ambassadors you need to achieve your goal faster.

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4 - What is next?

Now that you have identified your top referrers, you need to talk with them and make it easy for them to refer by giving them access to a referral tool like Nakama.

Do you want to create your very own Referral Persona? Get in touch with our experts

Founder Pieter Neels

About the Author

Pieter Neels is the founder of Nakama HR. His goal: creating the perfect match between an employee and a company.