The Referral Recruitment Checklist Every Company Needs to See in 2020

Rory Mc Laughlin - 7 min read

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8 Things You Wish You Knew Earlier About Referrals

Referral Recruitment is more popular than ever and more and more companies are realising how powerful referrals are as a tool to support their hiring process. However, a staggering 58% of employees have no clue how to refer within their company. This results in an underused strategy at the fraction of the skyhigh costs associated with general recruiting. Time to change!  

Hiring is not as straightforward as it used to be. Employee-employer relationships and the associated company loyalty has evolved over time. In our age of digitalization, it is of upmost importance that all aspects of your company adapt to it. Of course, you might be a bit troubled as where to begin with, but luckily, this referral recruitment checklist by Nakama HR is the perfect place to start! This referral checklist will get you more hires. We made a list with 8 actions that will convert your employees in referrers. It will make a dramatic difference in the number of referred candidates you get. Let’s take a look! 

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1 – I can do what?!

After conducting a survey, Nakama HR found out that one of the biggest obstacles towards referral recruitment is that most of the time, employees don’t know how to do it. An astonishing 58 % just flat-out don’t know how to refer and an even crazier 33 % aren’t aware which job positions are vacant within the company. It is therefore crucial that employees are informed every step of the recruitment process. From which positions are vacant, to how the referrrals are managed to how they can be rewarded for their referring. All this information needs to be easily accessible and easily noticeable by employees.

2 – Game on!  

In a lot of cases, companies have the reflex to double the cash incentive when their referral program is not going as they planned. This will NOT help get your program off of the ground. A better way to get results is by offering your employees an experience. Make your referral program a journey for employees to embark on.

Draw up a gamified version of your referral program which gives points throughout the referral process in order to keep your employees entertained every step of the way.

Yotpo, for example, introduced a bingo board with faces of employees and referral tasks. Once a week, names were pulled. If a name matched a photo on your board. and completed the corresponding HR task, this person was rewarded.

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3 – Show me some results, baby!

Feedback, feedback, feedback. Do we need to emphasize this? Yes, we do. Traditional platforms fail in feedback, mainly due to primitive integration limits or email automation failures. A referral program needs to be able to inform the employee of the results every step of the hiring process, because we can’t forget that your employee knows the person he or she is referring. This is an emotional factor that we can’t ignore! Share testimonials and success stories because for one, it will show that people are participating in your program and secondly, it will motivate your workers and increase the number of active referring employees. 10 percent of your workforce are automatically company ambassadors, 10 percent will never become one, and 80 percent just need a motivational push in the right direction!  

But don’t just take our word for it:  

“Employees stop referring as soon as you don’t give timely feedback on their referred candidate.” (Elly Schietse)

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Elly Schietse is HR Director and has worked for companies like Qorvo and GreenPeak Technologies . She is an experienced executive leader for global & high-tech organizations.

4 – I know somebody, who knows somebody

Start the conversation! Sharing vacancies online has become an increasingly larger part of the referral strategy. A study in LinkedIn shows us that job applicants trust company information from people they know three times more than information shared by a recruiter. By having your employees share your vacancies via social media, it will slowly build up an authentic employee branding side and kick-start talks between the job applicant and the employee sharing the vacancy. 

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5 – Take me on an adventure! 

Brand your referral campaign! Using a slogan recognizing a visual element is a key element of the journey or experience you are creating for your employee. In order to successfully implement and think of these marketing related quirks, it might be best to get somebody with marketing skills onboard who knows what they are doing and is prepared to have an advisory role.

6 – Usefull Rookies  

What do most new hires in today’s world have in common? A massive network! It is super important to activate this network for your use as soon as possible. Again, as I’m sure you’re starting to find out, communication of information is key to this tactic being a success. 

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7 – No drama with Nakama

All of these tips can be utilized to optimize the referral process in general, but what would make all of this even more efficient? Nakama offers an integrated platform with company specific advise from which the entire referral process is made efficient and easy to use for everyone in the company, all with just a few clicks.

8 – Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda 

A referral program could and should be embedded in the day-to-day running of a business. Employees could and should be convinced that the referral program is of strategic and intrinsic value to the company, and to themselves. You could and should take the opportunity to talk about the referral program with your employees every chance you get. You could and should even talk about referrals during job evaluations. Communication is king into building a successful, personalized referral program. 

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