Set goals for your Employee Advocacy Campaign

Pieter Neels - 2 min read

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Getting Started

Do you want to build a strategy to create an engaged workforce? The first thing you need is goal setting. That will be your guide to success!  


Your goal is to create awareness around your brand. What is a better way than to do this together with all of your colleagues? Imagine that your colleagues publish your content on their personal accounts. That is way more powerful than publishing it on your company account because it is a form of word-of-mouth marketing. And that implies TRUST.

Effects on sales? According to Hubspot, 71% is more likely to purchase based on social media referrals.

Effects on recruiting? According to LinkedIn, candidates trust information coming from present colleagues 3 times more than information shared by a recruiter.


  • industry updates
  • company announcements
  • industry updates
  • thought leadership campaigns
  • company updates

Example of a company announcement created in Nakama.

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You have done hard work to get people to know you. Now it is time for the next step. Take control of your brand image and set how job candidates, clients, and the public at large think of you. There is no better way to do this than to talk in a genuine and authentic way with the people who work day after day with the brand: its employees.


  • charity events
  • messages about your company culture
  • employee testimonials
  • team building events
  • content created by employees (e.g. a knowledge article written on LinkedIn)


Now that we have reached our target public and we have impressed them, it is time to convert them to a lead. Go to job candidates or prospects through social networks of employees and offer something that will convince them to leave their contact details.


  • promotional codes
  • contests
  • employee referrals (check out this checklist to get you started)
  • sharing of lead magnets such as a mini-guide or an ebooks


Retention is perhaps the most difficult part but oh so important. Creativity is key here. Offer your existing clients something that will make them feel appreciated. Think of distributing gifts, webinars, or invitations for an event. Employees are a very good way of showing sympathy because they often have a direct and special relationship with your customers.

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Pieter Neels is the founder of Nakama HR. His goal: creating the perfect match between an employee and a company.