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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why choose an employee referral program?

Employee referral programs are the best way to find high-quality job candidates. In a world where data is the most valuable resource, using your employees' network to hire is the next big step. Nakama helps you set up a tailor-made recruitment strategy that will allow you to find the best candidate. We also increase your Employer Branding through our Employee Advocacy campaign.

2. How to reward?

Bonus rewards can come in many ways. The most common is a monetary reward for your employee. This can easily be set up on our referral platform and you can also choose how much you want to give your employees for each referral. Nakama will help you asses your needs but also the needs of your employees. This will increase the incentive for your workforce and the number of potential new candidates.

3. How much should I reward?

On average companies reward between 1.000€ and 2.500€ to one of their employees but this can differ depending on the company, job-level, industry, and geography. You can imagine that in fierce fights for talents such as technical engineering jobs we see bonuses go up to 10.000€ Nakama's reward scheme is designed to be as straightforward and simple as possible.

4. When should I reward?

We discern 5 steps in the referral process:

  • Social/Direct referral
  • Candidate approval
  • Interview
  • Hired
  • 3 months in service

Our clients can give a reward per step and choose their own amount. Companies can also choose when to reward an employee, this means that each step can be activated/deactivated before entering any amount. This is what makes our system adaptable to any company of any size.

5. How do I turn my employees into referrers?

We assist our client in incentivizing the referral program. This is done by making our platform user friendly and also through the usage of our mobile app. On the other hand, we also put in place motivators such as referral bonuses to motivate the referral. Employees will also feel a sense of pride when introducing the right candidate and getting feedback on the referral and this could then help them with their evolution within the company.

6. Which metrics should I track?

The Nakama referral platform is designed to track numerous metrics such as the number of views, shares, candidates,... All of this data is safely stored and in alignment with the GDPR guidelines. This allows us to help you gage the best strategy according to your statistics and create more effective recruitment.