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Pieter Neels - 4 min read

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When hiring someone, recruiters look for the most efficient solution. This efficient solution starts with the design of your next recruit. Your Referral Persona. Take a look at why you need a Referral Persona and how it can help you make your recruiting more efficient...

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1 – What is a Referral Persona?

A Referral Persona is the person you want to see referred and hired. It is a combination of all the characteristics that you as a company need in your next recruit.

2 – Why do I need a Referral Persona?

To identify your Top Referrers 🏆

Knowing who your referral person is will enable you to identify the employees who are most likely to refer the people you are looking for. You want those Top Referrers at the front line.

To make it clear to everyone who to look for 🔎

The traditional way of getting referrals is by asking employees whether they know someone for a certain position. You will get more & better referrals if you clarify what to look for.

goal achieved referral persona

To achieve your company goal

The goal of your referral campaign can be more than just recruiting. Define your company goal and the people you need to hire to achieve this goal.

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3 – Examples

#1 Create a balanced workplace culture♀️

Image Uber. They had an overrepresentation of young males. This resulted in an aggressive, unrestrained workplace culture. Part of the solution was a referral campaign focused on creating a
diverse workforce. So the power ambassadors in this case should be the female employees of Uber.

#2 Start marketing millennials 👴🏻👶

Let's say you are an old, traditional telecom company with a reverse age pyramide workforce. You are not in pole position to create attractive products for millennials. Your Referral Persona is a digital native.

#3 Disrupt your business 🧭

New tech-driven players start eating way your business. You want to apply a "disrupt from within" approach to your business. Problem: there are not a lot of employees who dare to question how things are done within the company. Your Referral Persona will be a 'Challenger Employee'. Identify your current challengers because they will be able to attract other challengers.

#4 Increase Sales Performance 💲

Look into your current workforce and pick out the 5 best performing salespeople. Based on their persona you can design a Referral Persona for your next talent.

4 – How do I do this?


  • Define your Goal
  • Describe your Referral Persona
  • Identify your Top Referrers
  • Promote your referral campaign to the Top Referrers
  • Share your Referral Persona

How to Share your Referral Persona

Share your Referral Persona with your Top Referrers. Most companies use internal communication to handle their referrals but that has proven to be very time-consuming. Using a referral tool such as Nakama streamlines your whole process and makes it very easy to follow-up on referrals, give out a bonus, check analytics,..

Your persona with all the requirements can then be shared on the Nakama platform and employees can immediately start sharing the vacancy with their network.

Once you have collected all the referrals, you can start booking second screenings and reduce your talent pool.

Interviews can be done with other decision-makers that will have to evaluate the candidates. A company should hire the candidate that makes every decision-maker excited and that is what referrals aim to do.

"The first step to building a recruiting machine is to turn every employee into a recruiter by soliciting referrals."

- Laszlo Bock, VP People Operations Google

Do you want to create your very own Referral Persona? Get in touch with our experts

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Pieter Neels is the founder of Nakama HR. His goal: creating the perfect match between an employee and a company.