[Templates] LinkedIn Employee Testimonials For Authentic Employer Branding

Ibrahim Moustaine - 8 min read

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When hiring new talent, chances are they're going to research the work environment you offer. What better way to set their mind at ease than by using your employees' voice?

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1. What type of testimonial should I use?

An important factor when designing Employee Testimonials is that it is best to let your HR department do them, even if it is a Marketing and PR strategy. Job candidates and readers, in general, can easily fathom that they're being sold something. If an HR person writes the article, the goal is not to sell something but rather convey an honest message. This is applicable to any template listed below.

Employee testimonial template #1 - your company's mission

This is the most classic type of testimonial. Employees explain what the company is aiming to do so that job seekers know what they should expect when applying to this specific company.

Why is this powerful?

Illustrating a quote from your employee on what their work is about is a very strong message. It shows to the outside world what they can expect when getting hires at a certain company. Being able to link the quote to your mission statement brings this testimonial to another level. This means that employees are really committed to succeeding in their mission.

When to use?

You want to create awareness around what all the employees are striving for every day. This will already create a certain filter for future job seekers as some of them might not feel called upon to help you complete that mission.

Key elements


Using a hashtag on your testimonials is very important as well, especially if you will share them on your social media. This will create more exposure around your message and you will also be able to communicate with interested people around that hashtag. There is no guideline to creating the perfect hashtag, you have to keep it short and straightforward.


Using the picture of your employee is also important as people like to match a face to a statement or a company.

Employees could then also share their testimonial on their personal social media platforms as they might have a huge following too.

Employee testimonial template #2 - Company culture

The importance of this type of testimonial is not to be underestimated. In today's society company culture is very important. This can be translated into many aspects such as diversity, work-life balance, social events among employees, homeworking,... These are all aspects that can help you attract the right talent. Therefore is showcasing your company culture a must.

Why is this powerful?

Illustrating how your workforce is organized in a picture is powerful. You can immediately demonstrate diversity, work environment, or even the dress code amongst your employees. Again, using a hashtag here is very useful as you amplify your exposure.

When to use?

You should use this type of visual to make sure that you attract the right type of job candidates that also match your company culture.

Key elements

The use of color is important aspect. This makes your content stand-out and memorable to your audience. In the example I made, I matched the background color to the logo of the company to give a sense of uniqueness to the post.

Employee testimonial template #3 - invite for a meet & greet

An innovative way of increasing your employer branding is by letting your employees go live on the social media account of your company and answering questions about their work environment, a typical workday, levels of hierarchy,...

Why is this powerful?

Viewers will appreciate the authenticity as nothing is prepared when going live. This will add to your employer branding and benefit your organization as a whole. Job candidates who then miss your broadcast can catch up later as the live will be saved on your timeline. Employees can also share their journey in your company, they can also explain how they get started and certain tips & tricks.

Launching a Facebook live is quite easy, follow these 3 steps to get started;

  • Go to your company page
  • Click on publish as if you would write a post
  • Click on the live broadcast icon that is situated right above your (smartphone) keyboard

If you're a viewer and you want to watch a Facebook Live you simply have to connect to Facebook and you will automatically see the live broadcast on your timeline if you like the page.

This means that as a host of the live broadcast, you don't have to send a link to your likers as it will automatically be made available to them.

Easy, right?

When to use?

This channel is not widely used by many companies so using it might put you in an advantageous position. Broadcasting a live with your employees can boost your employer branding and your brand image towards clients and job candidates.

Key elements

Give a little bit more explanation as to what is going to happen. Make sure to use visually appealing elements that will make your post memorable.

Employee testimonial #4 - share personal feedback

Receiving an email from one of your employees saying how good a company is or how good a project went is a very strong message you can convey to your other colleagues and even possible clients.

Why is this powerful?

You cannot make it more genuine than sharing a personal message. Keep it authentic by taking a screenshot of the message sent to you. It can be an email but also a WhatsApp message. Important note: Don't forget to first ask consent of the person who send it to you and anonymise the person for privacy reasons.

When to use?

This type of testimonial cannot be planned as employees communicate whenever they deem necessary. However, when they do so you can easily share this type of screenshot on your employee referral platform.


As a description, you don't need to write anything long. A simple phrase with a simple hashtag will surely do the trick. The message will do its work.

2. How to design employee testimonials for social media?

Crello is an easy-to-use design platform where anyone can create unique content for literally any platform. There are other possible alternatives to Crello, such as Canva for example which is another very good tool. Listed below are 3 steps on how to get started. If you're already familiar with Crello, you can skip this part. Go to the sharing part.

Step 1: Creating a new design

When you land on the homepage of your personal account simply click on the "+" button to get to the next step.

Step 2: Choosing a format

Crello will now ask you to choose a format in which you're going to post. This means that you simply choose depending on where you're going to post your design. Whether it's an Instagram post, holiday card, blog banner Crello got you covered.

Step 3: Start designing

When arriving on this page things can seem to be a bit overwhelming but don't worry it is actually pretty easy. The first thing you will see is your own chosen template. There is no exact guideline as to how you should start because it depends on what you want to achieve but I will show you all that there is to show.

3. Get your employees to share 👀

If you're lucky enough to have an employee referral platform (like the one of Nakama 😏) you can also publish these testimonials on there. The example listed below comes from the Nakama Employee Referral.

Uploading your design is super easy and quick. You just have to click on the type of media file you want to add, write a title, and share.

This is the interface on the employee referral platform Nakama.

You can choose the template you want to upload and then publish it to your team. This will boost your Employer Branding and Employee Advocacy. Future job candidates can consult your employee testimonials and assess whether or not your company is a match.

4. Watch your traffic skyrocket 🚀

Now you have all the necessary information to grow your employer branding and see your traffic skyrocket. If you want to have access to these templates, click on this link and we'll send them to you.

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