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What is an ambassador?

An ambassador is someone you invited to your Nakama account so that they can start referring. We like to call them 'ambassadors'.

How does the free trial work?

You can make unlimited use of Nakama up to 50 ambassadors. At any point during your trial, choose the plan that suits you best and subscribe using your credit card.

What happens if I exceed 50 ambassadors?

If you have not subscribed to the 'Growing' or 'Power' plan, you will be able to continue using Nakama but you will not be able to add new ambassadors.

Do I always have 50 ambassadors for free?

Yes! Your first 50 ambassadors are for free - forever - and regardless of any plan.

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No worries! Please get in touch with us at, we'll get back to you ASAP!

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Get a professional start together with Nakama, where we give your company expert referral training, have our implementation specialists help you configure your account & create your personalized referral strategy.

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Get our referral experts on board to organize a short, intense and focused referral program that ensures your hiring needs get solved ASAP.

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Our referral experts guide on a continuous basis to achieve the best possible results.

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