5 ideas to promote your employee referral campaign internally

Ibrahim Moustaine - 5 min read

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Now that you have decided to use employee referrals, you should market them to your employees. Brand the referral campaign with slogans and visuals this will make your referral campaign recognizable and stand out. We inspire you with 5 referral campaign ideas.

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1 – How to get started?

The platform we use to create these templates is Crello. This is a free tool where you can design a lot of posts for any social media or other outlets. If you're not familiar with Crello, make sure to check out our previous article which explains in detail how Crello works.

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2 – Design ideas

Template #1

star wars ref template

Why is this powerful?

This template will allow you to catch the attention of your employees and will make them share it amongst their network. If you want to personalize them, even more, you can change the background color or even the text that is in the middle.

When to use?

This is a simple template that can be used for any job post. It can also easily be shared amongst your employees on your employee referral platform. We created this campaign for Microchips' employees which consists of a lot of Star Wars fans. We then implemented this mania in their referral recruitment campaign.

Key elements

The use of color is an important aspect as it makes your content stand-out. The background can be personalized to the company colors. A hashtag can also be added to create a platform where your employees can discuss. There is no specific information as to what job position is looked for but this is where the simplicity of the template perseveres. A company can use this for any job post and simply give a little bit more explanation in the description.

Template #2

golden microphone screaming your network is gold

Why is this powerful?

The second design is a little bit more elaborate than the first one. This is made to appeal better to the eye as a lot more is happening here.

When to use?

This post is made to catch the eye of your employees and to make them feel valued. Having an appealing design will also motivate your employees to share it as they will be proud of the outcome and their company.

Key elements

As I said, a lot more is happening in this second design. First of all, we notice that this is an animated post (gif). This is done specifically to attract attention and navigate where people should look. Secondly, we notice a call-to-action. The final goal of such posts is to turn your employees into ambassadors. The classic megaphone is used by a lot of companies when calling upon referrals. This is a very effective call-to-action.

Template #3

cute animals asking for a referral

Why is this powerful?

This design might look simple but the content brings this gem to the next level.

When to use?

Using this design would depend on your company culture. This would not be appropriate to use for companies where have a strict company culture. The use of humor and popular references is very effective but only for more "laid-back companies".

Key elements

The popular Jay-Z line "99 problems" is widely used and can be adapted to any situation. This is done to portray the image of a cool company to potential new talent. This is also a USP for your employees to communicate when referring a person form their network.

Template #4

we need you to refer a friend

Why is this powerful?

Impossible to ask your employees for help without using the famous Uncle Sam picture. Employees also directly know what they should do and what the company is looking for.

When to use?

This template is also based on a little bit of humor and popular references but I would suggest considering using it even if it is a serious company.

Key elements

Famous Uncle Sam is there to be the eye-catcher of this post. Next to it are two small texts that explain in a very straightforward way what is expected.

Template #5

detailed referral post

Why is this powerful?

Another famous reference is the western wanted poster. This makes the template unique as few companies think of using such references.

When to use?

This template is made for more elaborate job-posts where a company wants to give out more information about the requirements. One of the companies that used this template consisted of salespeople who are focused on winning and achievements.

Key elements

Companies that want to attract the eye of their employees should use this design. Firstly, we have the "wanted" design which is perfect as an eye-catcher. Secondly, the employee who refers a friend immediately sees the incentive, namely the reward. Sought after skills are also mentioned, this creates a filter as to who should be referred.

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3 – What now?

Now that you have designed the perfect referral post, get it out there. Communicate it to every employee by using Nakama, thus you will create awareness and you will be ready to launch your referral campaign. Employees will immediately be able to see the post and be motivated to refer. They will be able to start referring immediately and as a recruiter, you can start selecting your new team member.

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About the Author

Ibrahim Moustaine is the Growth Marketer within Nakama